Eagle Pass Ranch

BullsEagle Pass Ranch has been breeding registered seedstock since 1987.  Today, the program consists of 500 registered Angus; 800 registered Balancers (Angus X Gelbvieh) and 250 registered SimAngus cows.  Every female on the ranch is from an AI mating and many are from our top shelf pool of ET donor females. 

Performance has been an economic driver for us from the beginning.  We purchased our first groups of registered Angus females in 1992 from the Scotch Cap Angus and Jorgenson Angus programs.  These high growth cattle were then mated to sires with EPD’s balanced for calving ease and milking ability. We favor moderate frames and our cow herd weighs in at around 1,400 pounds at a body score of six. 

Our Gelbvieh program began with the largest “breed up” program in the history of the breed.  We started in 1987 with 4,500 commercial Angus and AI bred them to Gelbvieh sires.  After 20 years and somewhere around 50,000 AI matings, we have one of the highest quality, most uniform, heavily culled Gelbvieh herds in existence. 

We are trying to supply the growing demand for “hybrid seedstock” with our Balancer program.  The Balancer is an amazing animal.  It retains the fleshing ability, carcass merit and calving ease gained from the Angus and combines it with the muscling, fertility and base width of the Gelbvieh.